Marco Island, Florida is part of the Ten Thousand Islands and is the largest among the islands there. It sits pretty upon the southernmost tip of the southwestern Florida region. The place is in close proximity with the Gulf of Mexico and is home to a huge mangrove reserve.

Aside from having stunningly beautiful beaches, Marco Island is also known for its thriving hotel industry. Top class hotel chains have given excellent service to locals and guests in the area for many years and they continue to do so. The island also offers plenty of golfing opportunities and also places where one can shop and have luxurious dinners.  Nature trips are an awesome thing to do here too as the Everglades National Park isn’t far from the city proper. Overall, this beautiful place is perfect for shelling, fishing, boating and relaxing dips.

Island Hopping

If you’re down for some fun that would take you from island to island, there are many island tour operators that offer boating services which you and your family or friends can take advantage of. Boat trips offer a way to get yourself away from the crowd and be mesmerized by the treasure trove of natural wonders that delight the all the senses of any adventurous soul.

For a more slow-paced gig, you can swing by the Ten Thousand Islands Wildlife Refuge or the Everglades National Park. Here you can take advantage of the trails that are not only serving as good exercise but also makes you more in touch with nature with the different species of trees and birds that are protected in the area. A trip like this surely enriches both body and soul.


Speaking about exercise, one can argue that shopping can be a form of exercise too, and a good one at that. Walking around in circles for hours and carrying heavy bags of the stuff you bought is like a day in the gym. Good thing Marco Island has great shopping spots for you. Its numerous boutiques sell colorful swim suits and other island and summer gear. But if you’re lucky, you can spot a designer dress or two, so it pays to explore a bit.


The island is home to many big chain hotels that provide top quality service to one and all. There are also golf courses that you can use at your pleasure. But the best thing about the hotels here is got to be the food. Renowned chefs from different parts of the country bring life to the taste buds of all as they offer authentic Mediterranean cuisine that’s sure to satisfy even the most discriminating palate. Seafood and Stone Crabs are also a hit so make sure to grab your hands and sink your teeth into the freshest seafood you’ll ever get to taste.

No words can describe how heavenly the experience one gets when visiting Marco Island. The villa resorts and the luxurious waterfront beaches give immense relaxation to all. The food, the natural treasures, the splendid architecture makes this place tremendously elegant and a great choice for your next visit here in the region.

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