Along the streets of Naples, there are spots we are sure you are not going to miss – The Farmer’s Markets. The places are a collection of shops, stalls and mini-boutiques featuring the freshest local produce brought to you by the very people of southwest Florida. They are busy outdoor markets where people come together to enjoy the abundance of the harvest from Florida’s agriculture. Freshly picked oranges, apples, tomatoes, all kinds of vegetables, fresh olives to breads, cakes and pastries, they have something for just about everyone. Breathe in its lively outdoor vibe and be revitalized with the organic products The Farmer’s Markets have to offer.

One of the great things about Florida is its climate. People enjoy its sunshine all year round. And with good sunshine comes good harvest. This is why The Farmer’s Markets are always filled to the brim with all sorts of fresh products that come from both land and sea. The markets are rife with tropical fruits and vegetables and the products that can be made out of them, such as sweets and jams and even things that you can place on your skin to keep it healthy such as lotions and soaps.  However, it’s not only tropical fruits such as mangoes you can find here, there are also delights like strawberries, blue berries and currants that are for sure as fresh as any other.

There are more than a dozen of these markets around Naples. All of them have something healthy to offer for everyone.  Aside from what we already mentioned, there are also meat pies, barbecues, fruit salads, fried rice, eggs, prawns, fish, dried fish, watermelons and many other treats that are surely good for the mind and body. Keeping things fresh and organic are the main goals for all of these products so that’s always good news for everyone.

Take note that most of these markets open only on weekends; this makes sure that everything is served the way it should be. We also advise you to talk to the famers involved in each stall so you know where they get their produce from and have you assured of their freshness and quality.

These markets are a true testament to the abundance of the land of southwest Florida. All the farmers and the people involved work around the clock to give us the best the land has to offer. This region is so blessed with natural wealth that preserving it is just as important if not more important that reaping the fruits of it and the fact that there are so many farmer markets who consistently deliver the best harvest means that the people of Naples truly have a fondness for good tilled earth and all things that grow.

We invite you to partake in this bounty and celebrate the richness of the land of Naples, Florida. Here, commercial progress and the preservation of nature go hand in hand. Hotels, resorts and malls all exist side by side with clean beaches, lush mangroves and a productive soil.

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