We know you are so ready to embark on that epic voyage along the beautiful vistas southwest Florida has in store and one place you surely can’t miss is the Everglades National Park. The park is a massive 2400 square mile reserve that is filled with mangroves, marshes, pine flatwoods and acts as a natural habitat for hundreds of animal and insect species. With that being said, there are a myriad of things you can do to enjoy your stay in this one of a kind eco-park. Trust us when we say that there will be nothing but abundance with the activities that are lined up. Whether for individuals, groups or families, there will always be something for you here in the Everglades. We have listed the top five best activities that you can do while in the park.

1. Camping

One great thing about camping in the Everglades is that it is available all year round. It can be a pleasant experience for the beginners out there but wait for the wet seasons and camping is automatically set to hardcore mode so be wary.  There are also package tours for front country camping and back country camping, so be sure to check the local listings.

2. Biking

If you are looking for that much needed cardio exercise while breathing in some cool and fresh air, the Everglades is definitely a place for you. The biking roads are usually pine trails and old farm passes. These roads are closed to common vehicular traffic which makes it also perfect for hiking activities.

3. Fishing

The Everglades is a popular spot for sport fishing.  Salt water and fresh water fishes of different species are available here for the catch.  Sea trout, bass, redfish and bluegills are some of the more common species that are waiting for your bait. You may also rent a charter to complete your fishing excursion. However, be sure to check local wildlife laws before going out to fish.

4. Birdwatching and Wildlife Viewing

There are various ponds, trails and areas that are known to gather the best flocks of birds for picture taking. Cormorants, purple gallinules, ospreys, hawks, warblers, barred owls, sea side sparrows are just some of the few birds that can be found all year round. Start packing your cameras because the birds along southwestern Florida make for good shots; perfect if you’re just the typical hobbyist or training to become a wildlife photographer, if you aren’t already one.

5. Hiking Trails

This is the one we definitely recommend to our readers. There are numerous trails that make you see the wonders of the natural habitat of many animals here in the region. Most of the trails here are not beaten paths, so it’s not a walk in the park even though you are literally doing just that. There are the frequent weather changes, sudden torrential rainfalls and thunderstorms and paths that are thick with vegetation and vines, it can be a little dangerous, especially for beginners, but what excites an adventurous soul like you more than danger, yes?

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