There’s no doubt that Naples is one of the best romantic spots in the country, if not in the world.  What could be more romantic than a walk on the beach with bare feet, holding hands with the person you love, as you walk along the shore and with every wave that kisses the fine sand watch the footprints you leave behind get washed away. Such a lovely scene that you thought can only be found in romantic movies and paperback novels can be a reality here in Naples. Now all you have to worry about is finding that special someone to do it with, if you haven’t found someone already.

After sundown you and your love can go on a more cosmopolitan trip in the swanky hotels and the fancy restaurants around Fifth Avenue South. Wine and dine and enjoy a romantic evening with live bands playing romantic music. Now that is definitely a great way to wind down a valentine’s day or an anniversary or just any day you feel like being romantic, really.

And because we love our readers we have listed the top 5 perfect romantic getaway ideas while you are here in the Naples area.

5. Everglades Tours

Go down to the mysterious swamps and lakes surrounded by thick mangroves while kayaking with the love of your life or go hiking or wildlife and bird watching. If you and your partner are feeling a bit more adventurous, head down to this glorious preserve while feeling the cool morning mist and be in touch with nature.

4. The Naples Pier

If you guys feel energized by being surrounded with lots of people while taking a swim along the beach, try the Naples Pier. Its white sands and clean waters and the hustle and bustle of everyday people are certainly the best things to get you up and running on a clear day.

3. Naples Botanical Garden

After that extroverted rush, you guys would surely want to slow things down a bit by taking a nice stroll down by the Naples Botanical Garden.  This 170 acre wonder features flora and fauna from different parts of the world that reach as far as Asia. The garden boasts of mini waterfalls, paddies and ponds that blend together well with Asian style shrines and structures that are sure to give you that calming Zen effect.

2. Fifth Avenue South

Now that you two have simmered down quite a bit, we’re pretty sure that you guys are already looking forward to dinner. And the best place we have to go to is Fifth Avenue South. There are restaurants and hotels that are sure to make your stay a fancy one. The style of the place is inspired by Mediterranean architecture that is a nice transition from the Asian themed sculptures and landscapes you saw earlier in the day.

1. Spa Treatment

Now that you guys are all settled and done, we have, of course, saved the best for last. The best way to savor your romantic getaway here in Naples Florida is to relax yourself with a nice spa treatment. And the best way to get this is by heading down diVINE SPA Located at 865 4th Ave S, Naples. This place is perfect for rejuvenating your soul and healing you from the inside out. They offer swedish massage, facial treatments, organic massages and more. We especially recommend trying out their couples vino oasis massage, perfect for couples and for your well-being. All this plus great customer service and other benefits, you can experience when you try out diVINE SPA.

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