We have written much about why Naples, Florida is the best golfing destination in the world. There are tremendously gorgeous golf courses made by legendary course architects here that you simply just can’t pass up. Golf celebrities and major golf tournaments and championships happen here annually. All the golf courses here; be it private, semi-private or public are world-class.

But if you’re still not convinced by this, we’d give you a quick rundown as to the great things to expect when golfing in the amazing resort-city. There are so many great things that we decided to crunch them into a list of ten to bring you the most significant of them. Thus, we invite you to come here to learn more about the exciting things that made the golfers here smile from ear to ear.

  • The Greater Naples area has 90 18-hole golf courses, 30 of which are public, meaning you don’t need any membership to play.
  • The best and the top rated courses are the ones owned or connected with the major hotel chains in the area.
  • Golf Novice? A beginner? No worries. Tee it up at exclusive tracks and courses available in certain areas.
  • Rub elbows with your hotel concierge. They may be able to hook you up in the city’s top private courses.
  • There are semi-private courses that open up to non-members during the less busy months of May until December. Winter months are almost exclusively reserved for the members only.
  • Naples, Florida is frequented by some major PGA and LPGA golf stars each year.
  • High profile golf instruction is very much available. Some offer one-on-one instruction and swing analysis from leading golf coaches in the city. These golf instructional programs allow guests to combine resort vacations with intensive learning or refresher courses to everyone.
  • Naples values both the safety of people as well as the wildlife. So, if you’re ball lands somewhere near an alligator, you’re entitled to a free drop.
  • The green terrain in the area and the quietness of the scenery might lull the players into a false sense of security. Always keep your guard up against alligators and the players competing against you.
  • Florida’s Bermuda grass grows a bit differently than the Bermuda grass commonly found in the north due to the sub-tropical climate and the type of soil the region has. Avoid replacing your divots as this kills the grass. Fill divots with good sand instead.

Enjoying the sport of golf is best when done in Naples, Florida. We hope these tips, secrets and hints will help you be more informed in your next golf match. Awesome perks and bonuses await for those who know where to find them. And now, we’ve let you in with some of our little secrets. This should make your game a little more exciting the next time around. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Come to Naples and see the other great stuff that wait to be unraveled by you.


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