On the off chance that you already experienced all the fabulousness of Miami, head down Naples, Florida. This little Gulf-side city has a pleasingly anodyne quality that is a galaxy away from the cosmopolitan hassle of other big cities. This little paradise can be discovered within just a two-hour drive due east, on the opposite coast. Well-off Midwesterners, who have embraced Naples as a getaway from the awful Northern climate, convey a certain “goodness, oh-gosh” expression to the town. Try not to be astounded in the event that you keep seeing similar faces again and again as this place has a small-town vibe to it that people who are already dizzy with the city life find some appeal in.

However, some of the glamour is still present within this rather quiet city. You may want to begin with the Cocktail hour in many of the hotels here.  Mixed drink is considered holy around these parts. Order a Naples Sunset, a fruity rum drink, and follow the setting sun as the open air deck illuminates with tiki lights and the chuckling of the polo-shirt-wearing crowd.

After this you might want to head for dinner and the restaurants here never disappoint. All of the restaurants here are proud to use only the freshest local ingredients straight from the fishing boats and the farmer’s market.  There is a wide array of dishes to choose from, which prizes intense flavors over mere spectacles, incorporates a newly made dishes from premier chefs with seasoned vegetables and nicely marbled steaks.

You may have not come here expecting art, but the Naples Museum of Art is a little diamond within this town, with a permanent collection that has a solid representation of American modernism (you may find yourself counting works by Charles Sheeler and Oscar Bluemner) and Mexican modernism  (with eminent names like Tamayo and Orozco). The senior-citizen docents are affectionately bossy, and not timid about guiding guests toward what they consider the best pieces.

At the point when the sun is high, Neapolitans hit the beach. If you’re looking for some quiet time, try not to set up camp close to the town dock at Fifth Street South — it’s excessively packed. Same can be said for anything along the northern end — an excessive number of hotels. For a spot that is perfect, travel south toward eighteenth Avenue South, the last downtown road with a beach access point. (Parking can be rare, so bring a pocketful of quarters and try Gordon Drive.) With flip-flops in hand, a short walk south offers your sought-after solitude. It additionally instigates some real-estate attraction. Some of Naples’ most posh and over-the-top mansions are found along this extent of the beach and are readily presented to wandering eyes.

Speaking about the good life, you may also want to head down to diVINE Spa and experience various massages that are sure to give you utmost relaxation for the body and the rejuvenation of your soul through the scents and blends that will be given to you by well trained massage therapists.

These are just the few swanky bits you’ll get to see in Naples, Florida. Swing by here and be pleasantly surprised with more things that wait the curious tourist such as you.

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