Why fish the waters of Naples, Florida? Why do it here? The silver king caused this. In 1885, a New Yorker named W. H. Wood got a tarpon with rod and reel off the shores of Punta Rassa, an obscure accomplishment at the time back when the alleged “silver king ” of fish was usually harpooned. All of a sudden, the waters of Southwest Florida were thickly populated with boats dropping lines into the water. Word spread rapidly worldwide and a traveler fishing industry began, places like the Useppa Inn and Gasparilla Inn getting their start facilitating all around experienced fishermen.

Thomas Edison was looking for a winter home when he ran over Southwest Florida and saw with his own eyes that some of the best tarpon angling could be had outside his door. Sawfish and sharks, manta beams and manatees—the amusement was boundless and outlandish to many people. But times change; restrictions were put to forestall overfishing. Be that as it may, over a century later, it’s as yet a draw.

Authors like Zane Gray and Ernest Hemingway angled Gulf waters at that point attempted to catch the experience in words. Grey returned from an excursion and composed that he had seen a scene “indescribably beautiful.” Hemingway looked for tarpon and wrote in a letter that it’s a “thrill that needs no danger to make it real.” This may have been an inspiration for his book The Old Man and the Sea but who knows.

Angling in the tropical heaven known as Southwest Florida can be a standout amongst the most amazing encounters you may ever have. Quite a bit of our coastline is filled with mangroves, a prime element for an estuary which is essentially a breeding ground for both bait fish and game fish. The shallow back bays give the ideal area to get a “tailing” Red Drum, Trout or Snook.

Get yourself a great time with a quick trip to deeper waters where wrecks and artificial reefs give the ideal haven to an assortment of Grouper, Snapper and Mackerel. Our differing cluster of oceanic tenants is shocking. There are more than 1,000 types of fish in the Florida waters and the vast majority of them are delicious. To abstain from overfishing, many rules and regulative standards have been set up. To avoid any fishing infringement, it is advised for you to know about these laws.

Here are some of the saltwater fishes that you can catch by hiring a charter or using your own private yacht or canoe. These game fishes can be found all around the year.

American Shad

Atlantic Spadefish





Gray Triggerfish

Gulf Sturgeon

Southern Flounder


White Grunt



Be sure to have yourself registered by the local authorities and bring your licenses and other documentation that prove you are a certified game fisherman with you. After that, pump (or paddle) your boat to the deep seas and just fish away. The fishes here will be stuff that you can brag about and did we already mention how delicious they are?

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