People are raving about going back to southwestern Florida. This part of the country has seen more raging storms than some of the people in the US will ever see in their lifetimes. And yet the people of Naples are still here, picking up the pieces, clearing away the rubble and staying strong. This is the Floridian spirit and way of life and now the people are reopening their doors to everyone. There is much to see here and so many things to do. Irma was just a hiccup and now, we’re back in business. So, without further ado, here’s what to see in Naples, Florida.

We’ll kick things off with the very best, the gorgeous beaches of Naples. The beaches here have been a staple in many travel magazine and have been a favorite shooting locations for TV magazine shows that feature beaches and it’s not just the press that loves these spots, people come and visit here by the droves, bringing their families and, in some cases, pets with them to run along that soft white sand, gathering pretty shells and enjoying that sunset so beautiful no words can properly capture it. You have to see the sunset for yourself, you got to trust us on this. The best thing in Naples, Florida is not made by the hands of man but was given to us by Mother Nature.

The beaches are great but there is much more to Naples away from the coasts and one of these great things is the people’s appreciation for the arts; so much so that there are more than 100 art galleries in Naples alone.  The 100 Best Art Towns in America has listed Naples as the number one Small Art Town in America. The visual spectacles and the connections to the soul always runs deep here in small town Naples, Florida.

The place is also famed for having the most millionaires per capita than any other city in Florida. This should explain the swanky Mediterranean style villas and mini-palaces that sort of add to the local attractions that you get to see here in the city. Having said that, there are many iconic figures and celebrities that live here and you might even get to rub elbows with them. Some of the names that we can throw off are Larry Bird, Tom Cruise, Buzz Aldrin and Bill Gates.

Going back to the waters, the region is also known for its fishing spots. Pro Anglers and amateur enthusiasts all get to have a spot here, whether you brought your own yacht or want to rent a charter at a local dock. The mangroves in some parts of the region, particularly in the Marco Island areas provide suitable breeding ground for all kinds of fresh and salt water fish. This is the reason hobbyists come here, that is to take advantage of the number and quality of game fish that you can snag here and take a photo of; something that you can frame and mount on your office when you return from vacation.

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