The quest for water sports and activities is one of the primary reasons for visiting the Paradise Coast in Florida. This spectacular journey can take you as far as the Everglades with its lush mangrove trees then to Vanderbilt Beach and its white sand shore it can even go as far as the Capri Isle if you paddle well enough.  Counting dolphins is a surprisingly enjoyable activity as many found out and you might find it just as so. Overall, there are many ways to bask in the clear blue waters of this beautiful coast and we’ve listed some of them for you.

Boat Rides

Wade across Lake Trafford by hiring airboats along the Everglades area. This exciting adventure will take you in the middle of alligator territory. With 1,500 acres of fresh water lake, you’ll find yourself surrounded by more gators than you can possibly count. This trip is definitely not for the faint of heart, but if you are looking for a little adventure in your life, then you might want to try this one out.

However, if you are looking to ride on the safer side there’s plenty of options for you as well. There are boat tours available for tourists that will take you on a trip to see the migratory birds, the ancient turtles and maybe the occasional deer and wild boar near the waters.  This is perfect for taking pictures and hardcore nature photography.

 More Boat Rides

Manatees and Dolphins are a common sight in the region and they never fail to give delight to the tourists.  Observe them as they play around their natural habitat around the Ten Thousand Islands. As you ride the boat, you can help the on-board nature scientist spot the mother dolphin and count them for research and documentation purposes. Photograph and identify the dorsal fins of each of these mammals as you find out that they are unique to each other. A boat trip even takes a stop on Keewaydin Island where you can collect some really nice shells that you can take home with you. We definitely recommend this sort of trip for the young ones out there who are always open to learning new things around them.

Fishin’ n Cruisin’

You can sit back and relax as you take in the tropical air while on a cruise in one of the rented charters in Naples. You may also go parasailing on Vanderbilt beach and master the waves as you traverse the lovely shore. You may also visit the Rookery Bay Environmental Learning Center and check out their massive aquarium that lets you get acquainted with the local marine and estuarine life. For an even more hands-on experience, go kayaking with a resident expert and collect some plankton sample that you can analyze under a microscope later once you get back to the lab.

Then, go to a charter station and sail to the Gulf of Mexico and treat yourself with the fattest fishes you can find. You can catch game fish here such as grouper, permit, tarpon and triple-tail. Combine your fishing with a little sight-seeing and we guarantee that this makes up for the perfect vacation!

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