Many creeks, lake, rivers, seasides and deep seas offer a ton of fishing adventure experience for everyone who happens upon Southwestern Florida. Each spot offers something unique for all anglers both new and experienced. Even the shallow and brackish areas have something new to offer for all who’d like their baits bitten. Fishes from trout to snappers to everything in between can be placed in your fishing bucket. You may even spot some dolphins and manatees too. Of course, you’re not allowed to fish those last two but they do provide excellent company, we can tell you that. Now, Southwest Florida has a lot of fishing options if you got your kayak or charter with you but today, we’ll take a look at the places where you can reel your line in case you do not have a boat with you.

First, we need to remind you that even you do not have a boat with you, you will still need a fishing license before you can begin. You can consult the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission on how to obtain a temporary one that will last for thirty days if you want to try out fishing in these waters. This permit should grant you permission to fish or hunt within season or whenever the date your license says you can begin.

Without ado, here are our favorite places to fish in case you do no have a boat:

1. Wiggins Pass

This is accessible from the Delnor-Wiggins State Park or from Beachfoot Park. The unique thing about this area is that it has an inside beach, like a lagoon, and snook can be caught here. Cast your lines along the shore especially on the north end, during outgoing tides and have yourselves a treat. Be careful not to fish too close to the swimming areas or you may fish up somebody’s beach trunks!.

2. Jolley Bridge

The Jolley Bridge is credited to be the second bridge constructed in the region. The bridge connects Marco Island and Naples area. This bridge was constructed in 1969 and is popular among anglers when it comes to catching their seafood delights like sheepshead and black drum. Fishers usually flock on the side of the bridge and position themselves on large rocks. It’s a romantic if not a picturesque way of catching your dinner.

3. Causeway Park

This is a park found in Sanibel Island. On the backdrop, there will be swimmers, windsurfers and others can be seen having picnics. There will be seabirds and dolphins to accompany you in your fishing activity should you come alone and there are no other anglers around. Then, after your bucket is filled with the day’s catch, you’ll be pleased to know that this place is right on perfect for sunset viewing.

4. Naples Pier

This is the historic pier that defined Naples, Florida for many generations. First used as a boat docks in the 1860’s, it is now a prime tourist desitnation in the region attracting thousands of tourists a year. In 2017, the Pier was badly impacted by Hurricane Irma but restoration efforts and cleaning began just as soon as it was safe to go out days later. Today, the Naples Pier still stands and the famous boardwalk that reaches to the sea is still there, so cast a line and have yourselves a good time fishing.

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