The joys that Southwest Florida can offer goes beyond what solitary travelers or a traveling couple can get. The parks, beaches, museums and events always go up a notch by being family-friendly. Many places and happenings around Naples area can be attended by kids and even, in some cases, your pets. This is what Eagles Lakes Community Park plans to achieve as soon as it completed its construction and opened to the public. This is a water park with pools and huge slides and even competition level pools that will surely offer numerous fun activities for the family, especially during the hot summer seasons.

The aquatic center is already complete and the management is only putting the finishing touches around the property to ensure smooth operations for the rest of the year. According to the Collier County Public Information Center, the park opened its doors to the public at early summer of 2018. There will be many facilities available for all its guests, for instance, in the east gate there will be a soccer field and a basketball court for all the sporty guests. As mentioned, there will be a family pool and two extremely long and twisty water slides. Guests may be able to play water basketball and even do morning exercises while in the water. A toddler pool will also be available as well as a pool for small children so they don’t get left out.

But the Eagles Lakes Community Park is not only for families and their children. If you’d like to pay a visit as a competitive swimmer, then the 25 yard and 25 meter lengths pool might capture your interest and offer you a main pool for training or an alternative one. The competitive pool may be a great new chance to win some your friends. Swimming is so highly approved by many residents here that it should be easy to find like minded people when hanging around these competitive pools.

Other areas in the park will be just as if not more impressive. The park has a 2,900-square-foot building for pool equipment and chemical storage, a 3,379-square-foot main entrance building and a 1,210-square-foot building for lifeguards and a 961-square-foot shade pavilion. These together with the main building which was designed to have several offices and admission areas would make up this massive $9.2 million project. All these are expected to provide excellent service for everyone and give pleasant memories to all its guests.

The Eagles Lakes Community Park would be a place every member of the family can enjoy. Aside from that, swimming teams both professional and amateurs can find something to be excited about for its opening, aside from the fitness gym that already opened a few years ago. This opening of the water park is a long term dream that’s been in planning ever since in the 90’s when only the soccer fields and the playground parts were open. With the addition of the water park, people will not only have something exciting to make new memories in, the prospect of the next Olympic swimming champion may just be nurtured here, who knows?

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