We’re pretty sure that you’ve seen people at the beach at least once who are paddling while standing on what seems to be nothing but the water. Then you think to yourself if performing miracles has become the new fad lately.

But, once you got your head out of the clouds, it should come to you that this is no divine intervention, but the new sports craze called Paddle Boarding. This sport can easily be included in your list of activities on the water if it isn’t already and southwest Florida couldn’t be more ideal for it. The water conditions and the currents are just right for this new activity and that’s from Naples to Bonita Springs to Estero to Fort Myers Beach. These back waters are shallow, beautiful, smooth as glass and loaded with natural beauty. This sport hits two birds with one stone, one bird for getting fit and the other bird for being one with nature. (Disclaimer: No birds were harmed in the making of this article).

In doing standup paddle boarding you are expected to stand upright on the board, which requires a ton of center solidness and leg strength to look after your balance. This not just encourages you to have a decent posture but also expands your concentration. Once you figure out how to stand up on a paddleboard, you start to get the feel of it with the increasing endurance of the consistent paddling. Then, it should be as easy as pie from there.

Practically every muscle in the body is utilized sooner or later amid paddle boarding. Due to the balance required, leg muscles will be working diligently endeavoring to balance out your center of gravity, while the arms, back and shoulders are utilized to move the paddleboard forward on the water. The center, back and muscular strength are continually at work to keep you from falling in the water.

As with any skill, it may be tough to learn at first but there should be nothing you can’t do if you put your mind into it. Besides, being out on the water evokes a quieting feeling, and drawing in with nature can positively affect your psychological wellness and state of mind. Furthermore, getting some additional vitamin D from the sun surely can’t hurt.

Your views will be different when standing on a paddle board and you’ll see things that you would conventionally pass you by unnoticed. Who knows you might get a new perspective in life too, the epiphany you’ve always been looking for. Stand firm up paddle board into the Gulf of Mexico for an entirely unexpected journey. Enjoy a tropical sunset while standing on the water. There is an entire host of reasons why this activity has turned out to be so popular. It sure isn’t too late for you to hop in and experience all the fun that the people who are paddle boarding are raving so much about.

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