Smallest Post Office in the US

Ochopee is an area close to the heart of the city of Everglades and you can find it along the Tamiami Trail. At first, you may notice that there are not many establishments around this area and [...]

Ted Smallwood Store in Chokoloskee

Chokoloskee is a small town tucked away in the furthest region in Florida, somewhere near the Everglades, but despite its small size you’ll be pleased to find that it has massive histories [...]

Armadillo Races are Unique in SWFL

Watching racing games is fun, car racing, track and field event, swimming races and more. But what’s even better is a race where the participants are something you don’t expect, pigs, turtles, [...]

Day Trip in Sanibel Island

Sanibel and Captiva Islands has a private-owned hotel resort that features the best fishing, shelling, arts and entertainment and sports experience such as tennis, golf and pickleball. The place [...]

A Day Trip in the Indian Key

A getaway island tucked away in the furthest southern region of the country may be just the thing you guys need to spice up your love life. Would you be so surprised if we tell you that there is [...]

A Day Trip in Lovers Key

You want to spend your summer vacation in a peaceful white sand beach with palm trees, blue waters and equally blue skies? Then head on down to Lover’s Key National Park. This gorgeous 712 acre [...]

Day Trip in Chokoloskee

Chokoloskee is a tiny island with big potential for vacation and travel within the Collier County. It’s located just southeast of Naples, Florida and offers breathtaking tours for the whole [...]

A Day Trip in Shark Valley

Are you looking for alligators? You may be one of those people who would go out of their way just to see one. Alligators do look awesome and you’re not alone in wanting to see these reptiles so [...]