If you love kayaking that also happens to be a plant biologist or just perhaps simply somebody who’s interested in plants, then being lost in the Halfway Creek off of Everglades City is something you may want to put yourself in. Halfway Creek Canoe and Kayak Trail promises a plethora of trees, hanging plants and orchids that you can feast your eyes upon. The trail blooms perfectly during March and this is where the bromeliads and the spiky plants, ferns and other airplants usually show up the best. This is one kayak trail that is packed with stuff to see, especially if its explored with a rather trained eye.

The other great thing about this trail is that it’s very well marked and there are maps that you can pick up from the Big Cypress Visitor Center. There are even sign posts that you can spot as you are paddling your kayak along the trail that would tell you where you are and point you to the next direction you should be heading. The trail is super clean thanks the responsible kayakers and the people in the national park who keep things in check. Aside from its cleanliness the Halfway Creek Canoe and Kayak Trail has the most amazing views of the mangroves that you can’t find elsewhere in the region. There are mangrove tunnels that you can paddle in through. The leaves and the branches of the mangroves from either side of the trail form sort of an arch that gives this amazing cathedral look that never fails to make jaws drop.

The trail is convenient in the sense that it can be as short or as long as you would like it to be. You can finish the creek in nice paddling in the afternoon or include the Barron River if you want to spend the whole day. A quick word of advice, since the trail is thick with spiky ferns and orchids and more mangrove trees than ever, wildlife is sparse in this trail. So, if you are looking for the birds and the dolphins, this trail may not be for you. But if plants are your sort of thing then this is the definitely the trail you want. The launching point will be from the Big Cypress Visitor Center then you’re off to several trails that you can choose from. The first mile of the trip will be a man-made access way that would bring you to several connected waterways where you can truly enjoy the trail and see all the plants and orchids that you can expect in this side of the country. The trail’s flexibility plus its abundance of plant life is what makes the Halfway Creek Canoe and Kayak Trail awesome.

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