The beauty of The Ten Thousand Islands cannot be overstated. We’re looking at 54 square miles of untamed beauty, thick with mangrove forests, marine and avian life. This group of islands is so important to the ecosystem of the region that it was sought fit to implement efforts to protect it and so Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge came to be. The refuge ensures that the lush and green vegetation, the clear blue skies and the abundant wildlife are duly protected in this blessed sanctuary. This beauty is shared to people as well that’s why the refuge welcomes tourists to explore sections of the archipelago by means of sea and air.

The best way to see the beauty of these scattered islands is through air. If you have a sea plane with you because who knows, you might be rich or something, then we recommend you fly it over Everglades and then head a little bit west to see the glory of these islands. However, if you want to play it on a low profile, then do it literally by kayaking your way across the islands. You will get to see a closer look of the trees, the waves, the dolphins, birds and the manatees should you decide to go paddling. Sandfly Island should be the perfect starting point to those who want to see the rest of the islands. It leads to a kayak trail that’s perfect for those who have moderate experience in the art of kayaking.

This is called the Sandfly Loop Kayak Trail and it’s relatively short for, just about five miles. You start off with a group, maybe a dozen or so and it should take you no more than three hours of paddling plus you’ll get to explore the Sandfly Island yourself which takes more or less about an hour. On the island you can place your things, take a rest, have a nice picnic and maybe even walk along the trail that’s a mile long, to stretch those legs from all that sitting down in the kayak. You can brush your feet along the sand, watch the sea birds fly, think of something romantic perhaps. And the best thing about this trail is that you can extend the trip by exploring more islands if you want to. You’d want to check the tide tables and consult your local ranger if you plan to take a longer route to ensure everyone’s safety.

The trail is an awesome way to exercise, make new friends and see the beauty of the Ten Thousand Islands up close. We recommend you contact the refuge’s office to ask for available dates so you can get started. For all the best beaches, kayaking trails and summer vacation ideas that you can do while in the Naples area in southwest Florida, check out our website the Divine Naples and go to the Articles Section where we bring to you detailed accounts of all the good things in Naples, or go to the Tourist Guide section for the latest events and happenings. You may also visit the Business Directory page to get in touch with the local business industry.

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