Ochopee is an area close to the heart of the city of Everglades and you can find it along the Tamiami Trail. At first, you may notice that there are not many establishments around this area and it’s virtually surrounded by vegetation and the marshes. However, if you look around further, you’ll notice something interesting – the local post office. The fact the office is still operational in this age of emails and high speed internet is already interesting in itself but the one that’s strikes the most is the fact that this post office is so tiny. We’re looking at a 7 by 8 foot building and it’s so small we bet The Rock won’t fit in here.

The office was first established in 1953 when the original post office was destroyed by the fire. The current post office was once an irrigation pipe shed for a tomato farm. After the fire, the local county had to use the shed and converted it to the post office we now see today. The office is still very much in operation and everyday the office clerk receives letters and sells post cards to people from people all over and gets the letters sent over to wherever they must go. Tourists, who find themselves in the area, go out of their way to stop and take pictures of this cute post office/shed.

Speaking of cute, you know what else is cute? Sending handwritten letters. People of today, especially the millennial crowd, usually express their love through emojis, private messages and sending pictures of their no-no parts. This is all well and good but there’s just something subtly romantic about receiving a hand written and signed letter from the person you love the most. Writing is a form of pouring your heart into words and conveying them using your own hand, and having received something of that sort just warms the heart knowing it’s something your love has spent time in doing. Affections are better expressed and better felt when expressed in writing.

People who still keep the post office in Ochopee alive know this and that’s why the office still receives hundreds of letters per day to be sent to people who are important to their lives. Sure, handwritten letters don’t have much the way of expediency but the quality of the thing that you get is worth the wait, every time.

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