Naples, Florida has always been known as a playground for the ones who have hefty coin purses. But what if we tell you that there is a way for you to enjoy this place of rich color and history with absolutely nothing on your pockets? You can do this while walking or riding your bicycle. What we’re talking about is of course the good old window shopping. So, let us take you on a little journey as we take a look at some of the places you can go to while in Naples, Florida and not actually buying anything.

Third Street South

You may begin your day around this street in Naples, Florida. If you are a backpacker on the go or somebody who wishes to stay for a short period of time and working on a limited budget, then this quiet street in Naples, Florida has several motels for you to choose from. You may even get a view of the lavish homes that will become your temporary neighbors for your stay.

Fifth Avenue South

One thing many people fail to realize before they actually set foot in Naples is that the things that make this place great are not only what’s being sold in the specialty shops and the restaurants, but what can actually be seen outside these establishments. The architecture and the motif of the downtown area is already an experience in itself. Fifth Avenue South boasts the finest pubs, restaurants, classy inns, clothing and jewelry stores and many restaurants. You don’t really have to buy anything, of course, but simply admiring the Mediterranean style architecture is just simply worth the walk along that strip. It’s quite a long walk so you may want to take a detour at the nearby Cambier Park, a place with nice shady trees, benches and well trimmed lawns.

Tin City

Should you proceed further east, you will be able to reach Tin City. It’s an amazing place south of the Tamiami trail and it’s filled with shops selling all kinds of sweets, restaurants, and a nice dock with many boats. Tin city has been undergoing constructive repairs, especially on its famous boardwalk area because of the recent devastation brought about by Hurricane Irma. Despite this, the Tin City is fully operational and  many shops have reopened just a couple of weeks after the storm hit and you’d see many people and children going here and there and sometimes enjoying a nice snack or an ice cream.

Sunset on Naples Pier

And to end your day, stop by Naples Pier and catch the most jaw-dropping sunset you have ever seen in your life. The colors playing together are simply stunning. The deep red sky and the bright yellow ball that’s dipping into indigo sparkly water is truly something to behold. It’s nature’s own masterpiece. It is at that moment when you’d realize for yourself what a great day you had and how your empty pockets drove you a long way. The only question that’s left now is will you do it all over again?

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