Naples, Florida enjoys a reputation for having the best beaches in the world. They are so good, in fact, that strong and record-breaking hurricanes can do little to nothing to change that. From the lovely Dog Beach where you can bring your pet with you, to the protected areas of Clam Pass, plus the historic Naples Pier and all the way down to the small islands near Tigertail beach, Naples is simply the most stunning. Needless to say, many of these places are frequented by lots of people which can be a bit of a hassle in terms of looking for a parking space.

The beaches of Naples, Florida are known for many things: beach volleyball and water activities like jet skiing, fishing, the views such as the white sands and the picturesque sunsets and many others. However, one thing it can surely work on is the setting up of the food establishments around the area. Naples has many wonderful restaurants and food-related businesses but they are nowhere near the beaches much less do deliveries to them.

As a vacationer, this might prove as a bit of an inconvenience. You get out from your hotel then drive to the parking area of the beach you want to stay in. And when you’re there, you’d literally have to compete for a parking space only to find out that the parking fee isn’t as affordable as you first thought them out to be. Then, you unload all your swimming gear, folding chairs, coolers, heavy towels, umbrellas, and what have you and then drag them all the way in front of the beach. Not the most pleasant experience, but no matter, so long as you get to relax later on.

So, you place everything down, lay the towels, pop the umbrella open and unfold your plastic chairs. Then it hits you – the beach has little to no food stores. And, to add cherry on the icing, the kids start screaming for food and drink (or perhaps you’re the one doing it but that’s alright, we’re not here to judge). So, what are you going to do, leave the beach for a while, give up your hard-earned parking spot to drive over to where they sell food? Really?

This, my friend, is where we come in.

Introducing the Beach Delivery Menu of Divine Naples. It’s an app that lets you have access to the food-related establishments near your beach to order whatever meals or snacks that business is selling. This is the first service of its kind in Naples, Florida. Using this you will have the option to buy drinks, snacks, ice cream (yes, it deserves a category of its own because ice-cream is sacred). And it’s not even just food You can even have access to beach essentials like sunscreen lotions and other items you may need in the beach that are not necessarily edible. Thanks to the Beach Delivery Menu, you won’t have to leave the beach when you need something, the stores themselves will come to you.

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