Nothing is more important to us parents than our kids. We want to see them enjoy and learn as much as they can while they’re in this stage of life. The great thing is Naples, Florida shares this parental sentiment and so makes an effort to turn the city into a more family oriented place. If you are ready for some family fun in your Naples vacation, or if you are someone who is eyeing on a property here and would like to bring your kids and family along with you to stay for good, well, you’re in luck. Aside from having good schools from grade school all the way up to college level, Naples, Florida features a well-funded public children’s museum the Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples.

This museum is found along Livingston road in Naples and hosts a wide-array of exhibit galleries and hands-on activities that can cater to small children and even kids in their early teens. The place guarantees that even if you’ve been to the place before, you and your kids will always find something new in that 30,000 square foot building that the family can all marvel at.

The children can enjoy themselves in a maze or they can climb and indoor banyan tree. They can experience the life of a farmer, a fisherman, a chef, an artist or even a weather reporter so they can get to experience what they want to become when they grow up. Throughout the museum experience, there are always special activities throughout the day which can make the guests feeling engaged and energized while trying something new.

As mentioned earlier there are even areas in the museum aimed for the older kids, that’s from 8 to 14 years of age. The kids will be placed in a dynamic learning environment that lets them experiment, create, explore, write, build and design. The subjects that are involved includes, fashion, architecture, technology and music and many more that makes the growing kids connect deeper into their passions and identity as they make their way through this phase of their lives. Parents are excluded from this activity so that they can focus more on the activities.

There is also a section in the museum that mimics a trek into the famous Everglades. The actual thing may be too much for little junior for the time being that’s why the museum made a track that’s inspired by the well-known environment of Everglades. Hourly thunderstorms imitate the climate in Southwest Florida and wildlife, for example, crocs and mosquitoes can be heard out in the background. Kids can move in, around, through and under the turned arms of an antiquated mangrove or see the world through the eyes of a friendly gator.

These are just a few things that kids can enjoy in this museum and just one thing in all the other parks and beaches that are open for kids too. If you want to know all about them, come by our website at and check out our Business Directory Page or our Tourist Guide section to find out more.

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